January 31


Gardening in the High Desert
Business trip every week for 3 weeks has not been good for growing seeds. They are surviving, but are lanky and leggy and no true leaves, yet. Toms need potting on. On MG [Morning Glory] died. Other one is not happy. I am thinking of planting it with our ficus inside. Sweet potato is very happy. Using up a cup of water every 2-3 days. Someone watered the ficus very well while I was in Baltimore. Excellent.

Seeds and catalogs from southwestern gardens came today. Will need to order more from them. Prices good, very fast shipping, and a good selection of short season veggies. Also, lots of high desert plants - sages, grasses and such. Wish I'd thought to bring it on the plane with me today.

Saw a nice light, water, PH, ferti. gauge at Charlie's Geenhouse. $35. I will probably get it. I wonder how deep the probe goes.

Good thing we are both employed with lots of over time - putting in/buying all of our infrastructure items.

Garden Bench Considerations
  • Fit my height
  • Peg board back
  • Potting soil storage
  • Hose and gravity fed sink
  • make small hose long enough
  • side windbreaks that fold against the back?
  • shade - how?
  • skids for ATV mobility - secure hooks for pulling
  • fits through gates
  • Back [of back yard fence] done and part of east side. Jake [our Weimaraner] will step over MDH's string lines, but Mauly [our Dobie] will go all the way around. MDH says it's because she's done a number of "nose plants" into the ground [presumably by tripping]
  • Bird seed on tray has either blown away or been eaten. I would guess, with our winds, they've blown far and wide. We'll see what sprouts.
  • I left the laundry room lights on, but they are too far away to feed my little solar seedlings. Going to try put them under fluorescent lamp until I get a grow light. Need a cheap grow light frame.
  • Toilet paper roll temp housing for toms that desperately need potting on

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