December 02


Gardening in the High Desert.

  • After mapping out the 56 cloves of garlic in Veg Bed 3, it seems to me that I wasted a lot of space.  Maybe I can tuck in some basil after everything is up.
  • If garlic in the ground does well, I won't waste raised bed real estate on it in the future [Note: Garlic does well everywhere]
  • Veg Bed 1 is limited as my irises are still in there - but since I won't be growing toms in there this year, I can use it for my basil garden.
  • Veg Bed 2 is becoming my strawberry bed.  Need to feed it well.
  • Veg Bed 4 will be the tomato bed - but can I really limit myself to just 8 tomato plants?  I think not.  Going to try a yellow pear [tomato plant] between the root stock shrubs in the orchard area.
  • Veg Bed 5 - zukes and cukes.  Also going to try some ground-based zukes and yellow squash
  • Veg Bed 6 - beans and blackened peas
  • Along East Fence - pole beans and scarlet runner beans
  • North fence - MGs [Morning Glories] and moon flowers on the fence; sunflowers in front of the fence
  • Corn on the east - pole beans may impact sunlight, so probably won't plant the whole fence row
  • A pumpkin vine or two among the apple trees?
And that's about all the veg garden I really want to do.

Now, backyard landscaping is another issue.  Really need to start thinking about what I shall do about that. I know I want green on the fences.  If I can keep things from eating the sprouts, runner beans might be the thing.  MG's, too, and sweet potato vines.  Can I get some oregano established as a ground cover?

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