November 25



2010 - Harvest

Gardening in the High Desert.
I could plant and plant right now - the urge to grow things when the world is frozen is strong. Maybe stronger this year as I know there are only a few seasons left before I more and leave my lovely, large garden. I can't wait to move to Tennessee, but I am not looking forward to the transition time when we are living in an apartment. It's been a long time since I've lived in an apartment. 20 years ago. How will I survive? The sun and sky have been my saving grace.

Freezing weather means having to fill frozen water with hot water a few times a day for the chickens. I will miss them, too.

Have to keep in mind that the short term sacrifice will find us finally in Tennessee and on a piece of property we can marry. Something to spend the rest of our lives building our dreams on.

It is cold enough to winter sow my wild flowers - mainly CA poppies and shasta daisies and a few others. Not a real prairie mix - but not too bad. I really would like strip of wild flowers behind the main garden - something tall and colorful.

2011 - Harvest

Gardening in the High Desert.
My granddaughter ate one Spinach Leaf.

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