January 22





Gardening in the High Desert

Seed Orders

Bought 200 seeds of a lavender moonflower.  Never seen lavender ones advertised before.  [Finally got a few blooms in 2011 from a rabbit ravaged vine.] [Purchased from Onalee's Seeds] Also bought a few more seeds.  We'll see.

D has put up 10 more fence posts and is out of concrete now.

Should I get a Mantis Tiller? [2011-11-18 I did not, and I'm glad I didn't.  The sand is easy enough to just hoe up, and I do not have that big of a plot.]

Ordered some [used] "backyard bird" and "backyard wildlife" books from Amazon.com.  Had so much fun watching birds and such with my brother at his house.  Ordered a bird ID book, too.

From Onalee's Seeds - $27.50 Onalee@aol.com

  • $15.00 - Impomoea Alba - White Moon Flowers
  • $12.50 - Impomoea Turbinata - Lavender Moon Flowers

Plants of the South West $28.50 (Rec'd 1/28/2006)

  • $2 - Lemon/Apple Cukes [2011-11-18 - Grew this in 2011 - seeds still viable - did not check germination rates, but it was over 50%
  • $8 - High Desert Wildflower Mix 1 ounce
  • $5 - 2 Pkt Blue Gama Grass
  • $2 - Yellow Pear Tomato [2011-11-18 - These were also still viable in 2011]
  • $2 - Sugar Snap Peas
  • $2 - Mexico Miget Tomato [2011-11-18 - These were also still viable in 2011]
  • $5 - Shipping

Prairie Garden Plant Ideas

(medium tall)

  • Butterfly weed
  • Columbine
  • Cream False Indigo
  • Narrow leave purple cone flower
  • Nodding pink onion
  • Orange Cone Flower
  • Prairie Smoke
  • Prairie Spiderwort
  • Purple Con Flower
  • Purple Prairie Clover
  • Western Spiderwort
  • Wild Petunia
  • White Aster
  • Prairie Dropseed Grass
  • Blue Sky Aster (short)
  • Downy Sunflower (tall)
  • Little Blue Stem Grass
  • Prairie Blazing Star
  • Blue Gama Grass
  • Big Blue Stem
  • Prairie Sage
  • Common Ox-eye
[2011-11-18 Note: Need to check if they are on the state "invasive" list.  Also, need to see what is poisonous to livestock, incase some escape from the "Prairie" to the "Pastures."]

Prairie Garden Tips
  • Grow some samples in know places so you know what the seedlings look like
  • Photograph samples for future 

Sweet Potato Storage

  • Wash/Dry
  • Grease with crisco, prick w/fork
  • Bake 350*F until done
  • Let cool & then wrap in foil (regular)
  • Put in plastic bag and freeze
To Use
  • Run under hot water and peal
  • Prep as if fresh boiled
  • Or microwave and will be like fresh baked


Gardening in the High Desert
Need to start tracking weather in N TN and S Ky.

Remember: Procrastination Kills Plants!


Gardening in the High Desert


I swear it feels like the tomatoes grew 2 inches in the last few days. Looks like the weather will be warm enough to put them outside a spell again.
Started, yes, more tomatoes. Also started some peppers. 12 weeks ahead of transplant time - just about right. Tomes will be leggy for sure, by then. But still, the more important thing is that they'll be old enough to start flowering as soon as they're in the ground. And set fruit before the scorching season arrives. Hopefully sunflowers will shaw and contain them.


Got so much done today; it was a good day for gardening
  • Toms and basil and some ivy went outside
  • Potted up some more basil from lettuce tray
  • Potted sweet potato cutting in old Jack In The Box cup and put in a [decorative] tin pot
  • Brought small daffs in for forcing
  • Turned compost
  • Hoed under some weeds in future beds
  • Can't believe how much bigger the transplanted basil is

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