September 13




Gardening in the High Desert
  • Moved big, fat cat from red round toms to lush growth in VB [Vegetable Bed] 1 - took photos
  • Watered apple trees, garden, front fence row
  • Garlic order from The Garlic Store came today!
Garlic Order for Summer 2008 harvest:
  • Georgian Crystal
  • Korean Red
  • Siberian
  • Polish Hardneck
  • Bogatyr
  • Surprise Bonus
I am very excited about garlic planting time!


Gardening in Middle Tennessee.

We are less than 300 feet from a small lake - meaning lots of skeeters - and the wonderous (sic) chirping of thousands of frogs. I have so missed such a chorus. And, of course, I hope all those frogs are eating LOTS of insects!!!

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