January 27


Gardening in the High Desert


Lovely warm day
  • Granddaughter and I filled the bird feeders
  • Watered hybrid poplars on north side of metal building
  • Watered fruit trees using 15 gal ATV tank as [the] water to [the] far back [area] is still frozen - about 5 gal per tree and 15 gal to the large apple tree
  • Returned some library books last week and got more. P Alan Smith is becoming my next favorite author after Derek Fell, as far as gardening stuff goes
  • Fruit trees appear to be doing well - no dead looking branches or buds so far
  • Two [bearded] irises exhibit some frost heaving, but the rest look good
  • More seed catalogs have arrived to seduce me. I am trying very hard to resist; I have way enough seeds!!!
  • Trying to learn more about my houseplants
  • Snow still hanging on on the north side of the house, metal building and back yard fence
  • Basils and garlic are well represented in this year's catalogs - awesome!
  • Daughter brought our brought our 1994 garden journal home - awesome and way cool.
  • Taped some bulb package labels into my journal [2012 Note: I don't know where I taped them as they are NOT in the journal that I am currently transcribing]
  • Scanned the journal [from 1994] that my daughter found
  • Rotated ficus this afternoon and opened the drapes for it
  • The herb growing containers I bough don't have drain holes and are not very big. I hope the plants will be ok. Have to be very careful with the watering.

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