January 23




1:03 AM

Gardening in the High Desert
5 of 8 Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Toms
7 of 8 Mortgage Lifter Toms [1/31/2006 - one more germ'd]
Snapdragons germinated but did not survive my [business] trip
6 of 8 Steak Sandwich Toms [1/31/2006 - one more germ'd]
2 of 4 Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue
One Steak Sandwich Tom did not lose seed shell


Skinny, spindly, leggy seedlings. That's what I get for starting seedlings and not being there to see them sprout. Removing the cover & leaving the lights on seem to have helped. Need to find my grow light.

Can I start spinach yet? I've read it will grow in partial shade and tolerates frost.

Onalee says my lavender and white moon flowers have shipped. [2012 - Note - Seeds from both the lavender and white moon flowers were successfully grown out in the summer of 2011 from the 5 year old seed]


Gardening in the High Desert
Weather: Snowed on the overnight
Traffic: 2 1/2 hours to get to work
Looks like it will be warming up so that the snow will all melt. Trees getting some sweet water today.

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