May 16

2006 - Journal Entry

Mosquitoes: 150
People: 30

The mosquitoes were the unequivocal winner in last night's challenge. Even MDH was chased inside. Tree went un-watered, dog pen was left un-cleaned, dirty coveralls were left outside. Lesson to be learned - don't plan on accomplishing anything when the vampires are out.

Got all 26 of the large poplar cuttings planted out, but only about half of them got all the water they needed. Supposed to be in the 90's today - we'll see if they survive. 2 or 3 of the first 10 (9" cuttings) are looking very poorly, and a few are looking very well. The rest are just kind of hanging out, although their leaves are nice and deep green. These are tough old trees, though, so I am continuing to water them all, even the one that looks pretty much mostly dead. :-) About 50 more 9" cuttings are sitting in water, languishing... way too much top growth for the roots to support at this point.


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