March 07

Planting 2007

  • Potted rosemary from Wal-Mart (Note: 2011-11-14 this plant is now 2 ft in diameter and two feet strong)
  • Ginger bulblets (didn't grow)
  • Avocado seed in dirt (didn't grow)
  • Garlic for greens

Journal 2007

  • Worked on chicken coop/greenhouse design
  • M watered back yard trees
  • Added parrot food mix to my bin of sunflower seeds
  • Filled bird feeders & water dish
  • Peanuts in shells are too big for feeder, so I thew them over the fence for the evil chipmunks
  • Went for a walk around property with the dogs
  • Enjoyed potting up some stuff - ginger bulblets, garlic for greens, rosemary and an avocado seed.  Love the smell of the dirt.
  • The 20 gal metal trash cans are great for storage
  • DJR cleaned the dog pen
  • Cypress in front of dogs' pen look poorly
  • One [Black Austrian] pine in driveway is decidedly dead
  • I love this time of year
  • Forcing pots not showing much life
  • Warm days mean time to water more
  • TO DO - Water front yard trees
  • TO DO - Water side hybrid poplars north of metal building
  • TO DO - Sprinkle some low growing something in the jasmine tub? Lemon basil?
  • Can I really green up the place?
  • Spring is seductive
  • TO DO - Pull mulch from tubs and put around trees
  • TO DO - Start Snap Dragons?

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