November 14


Gardening in the High Desert.
Sun ~ In my wildest dreams, I did not anticipate that grass would become my number one weed! Crab grass is trying to take over. Weeded the two main garlic beds - primarily for grass. Threw [the grass clumps] in [a] five gallon bucket with some water. Hope freeze, thaw and water will kill it [it did not]. Not adding to my compost until I know beyond a doubt that it won't re-sprout.

Been reading about it at Dave's Garden, and think I shall try it this year [I didn't]. Sow seeds in milk jugs that are left out over winter. Looks like I can plant just about anything using this method.

Spinach is growing slowly. Pea vines are still good, but not actively growing. Will use for chick "greens" tomorrow. Collards are also doing well, although have mealy bugs. Cabbage moth time seems to be over - no new holes on leaves.

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